Calling all pineapple (and personal finance) lovers!

Are you a high school or college student with an interest in marketing or finance? Do you want hands-on experience working with a startup team? Do you LOVE Zogo?

Zogo is launching a Brand Ambassador program to promote our app and the importance of financial literacy among college and high school students. In line with our mission of keeping finance “fun, simple, and social,” these brand ambassadors — composed of passionate, hardworking students nationwide — will help spread financial literacy across the country!

We’re looking for motivated students with a passion for personal finance, marketing, financial education or all of the above to build awareness for Zogo and financial literacy in their academic communities. Ambassadors will sharpen their social media skills, gain hands-on marketing experience, and have the chance to work with Zogo’s team of innovative young professionals and partner financial institutions.

Vice president of operations Shyam Pradheep worked with VP of client advisory Katie Gallagher to launch the program.

“We wanted to work with high school and college-aged students — a generation not much younger than us — to advocate for financial empowerment,” Pradheep said. “Personal finance doesn’t have to be boring — and we wanted to work within students’ communities to spread that important message!”

Students interested in applying should reach out to Shyam and Katie at and with a message including one or two sentences describing why they’d make a great Zogo Brand Ambassador.

“We’re thrilled to get this going and start working with students across the country,” Pradheep said. “I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.”

For more information, check out the Brand Ambassador guide on Zogo’s LinkedIn page.