If you’ve read the news lately, you know that Gen Z is already making an impact on the world. But old-fashioned marketing methods won’t do the trick when it comes to reaching this take-charge, tech-savvy group!

Zogo recently released a step-by-step guide to marketing to Gen Z on the CU Broadcast Knowledge Hub, a library of free downloadable content for the credit union industry. It’s the perfect straightforward resource for financial institutions who are just beginning to incorporate the next generation into their marketing strategy. 

If your credit union falls into that category, look no further. Here are three of Zogo’s tips for kicking off your Gen Z marketing efforts: 

Get to know Gen Z. Gen Z can best be described as today’s teens and twenty-somethings that are just kicking off their financial lives and starting to leverage some real purchasing power. They have their own unique perspectives, preferences and patterns of behavior — and that’s important to consider when adjusting your marketing strategy to cater to this group. Read up on how Gen Z differs from their parents or the generation before them. Even millennials have less in common with this group than you may think! 

Make mobile a must. The smartphone is Gen Z’s favorite accessory — the average Gen Zer spends more than four hours on their mobile device each day! How is your credit union working to reach young people on their phones? Start by optimizing your institution’s website for mobile viewing. Sponsor content you value, or advertise your credit union on apps that Gen Zers love. 

Cultivate authenticity. This generation can recognize pandering or misdirection from a mile away, and instead value authenticity and transparency in the brands they engage with. Gen Z is also three times more likely to say that the purpose of a business is to serve society. We already know that credit unions work to empower their members and build a better financial future for their community. To get Gen Z engaged, communicate that message genuinely!

These are just a few ideas to get the gears turning — if you want to learn more about how your credit union can reach the next generation, check out “Connecting to the Next Generation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing to Gen Z” on the CU Knowledge Hub.

How does your credit union include Gen Z in its marketing plan?