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About Zogo: Pioneering the Future of Financial Education

At Zogo, we create safe, accessible spaces for exploration and growth, because learning is for everyone, but conventional education isn't.

A seed is planted

In 2018, an undergraduate student at Duke University sat through a particularly boring financial wellness seminar. The student knew the information was important, but he simply couldn't connect with the presentation. And he wasn't alone. Most of his classmates were on their phones throughout the entire seminar. Surely, he thought, there must be a better way.

Left to right: Simon Komlos, Bolun Li, Simran Singh

Make it mobile

The student's name was Bolun Li. He recruited his friends, Simran and Simon, to help solve the problem of how to make financial education fun and engaging for young adults. While thinking back to the seminar, a solution occurred to them. Why not meet their peers where they already are — on their phones.

The college years

In dorm rooms and dining halls, they cobbled together a little app named Zogo. Through practice, hard work, and more than a few late-night espressos, the app grew and changed. With the help of a passionate team, what started as a few lines of code evolved into an educational platform designed to make learning an engaging and rewarding experience.

Our founders, hard at work

Our growing team of Zoworkers, melting in the sun

Education for everyone

In the years since Zogo's founding, we've expanded our product offerings, grown our team, and kept it weird by moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas. Our award-winning suite of products offers bite-size learning modules and tangible incentives that have changed the way people learn. We partner with financial institutions, fintechs, schools, and more to make education simple, fun, and accessible for all.

Working toward a better future

Our values motivate us to create better, more inclusive products.

More knowledge, less noise

No static, no hoops to jump through, and no pretense. By keeping things simple, we make sure everything we build will do the most possible good for the most possible people.

Live ahead of the curve

As a young company, we live at the forefront of new methods and technologies. Looking forward keeps us smart and agile, and gives us endless opportunity to grow. Plus, it's pretty nice to be in first place.

A bridge for every gap

It's easy to be divided, and it's hard to bring people together. Whether it's a generational gap, a knowledge gap, or a wealth gap, we want to build bridges that allow people to explore new opportunities.

Reward risks

At Zogo, we reward risk-takers. Whether it's our users dipping their toes into the complex world of education, or our employees venturing outside their comfort zones, no one should walk away empty-handed.

Fun, for everyone

Everyone's day should be filled with moments of joy. Our job is to guide our users, our partners, and ourselves to the moments and opportunities that improve lives.

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