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Meet the Team: The Minds Behind Zogo

We're an energetic young team of innovators and problem solvers who aren't afraid to step outside of our comfort zones. We challenge ourselves to never stop learning and improving.

Early days at Zogo, Tech Stars 2019

Who we are

What Zogo employees have to say

"I feel comfortable collaborating with every single member of the Zogo team, regardless of what department they're in. The ability to lean on different skill sets has been a huge part of what makes Zogo's culture unique."

– Andrew C, Customer Success Associate

"Zogo has created many new opportunities for me! It's is a great place to explore your preferences and strengths and focus your time and energy in those areas. Plus, I'm never bored. There’s always a new product or initiative to work on. It's exciting!"

– Lisa M, VP of Content

"I love the fact that every single person in the company thinks that we can always do better - with the product, with the company culture, with the user experience, with the client experience etc. Being unsatisfied means that we are always aiming for the moon. That's the type of place I have always dreamed of working at because settling is never worth it."

– Shyam P, VP of Operations

"Nobody [at Zogo] is pretending to be the smartest one in the room - we're all working together without being weighed down by ego or convention."

– Ripley M, Software Engineer

"[At Zogo] I have had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in learning how to manage a sales team. I love getting to be a part of each individuals success."

– Abigail A, Sales Development Manager

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