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Zogo Integrations

Customizable integrations for financial institutions

Level up your fintech and mobile banking products with our suite of best-in-class product integrations.

Why use Zogo Integrations?

Seamless user experience

All of Zogo's education and rewards embedded directly within your mobile banking app

Comprehensive financial wellness

Provide users a foundation of education and incentivize responsible financial action

Drive desired action

Create custom objectives and reward users for taking desired action in your institution

Mobile banking, now featuring fun

Use Zogo's innovative educational content and gamified rewards systems directly in your banking products with our Mobile Banking integration. Motivate your customers with customized rewards and objectives for more engagement, retention, and fun.

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What our partners say

We consider Zogo a partner, not a vendor-client relationship, and that enables us to go ahead and co-create together. If we really want to support our members, the mission is to be a digital-first organization empowering people towards financial independence, and Zogo makes that possible for us.

- Tom Novack, VP & Digital Officer

I definitely recommend Zogo. We are immersed in the culture of improvement, and we use the app because we feel it is such a great product and an awesome way to get started with the kids in our area. A year into the partnership, we're still really excited about it and are always sharing about it.

— Jill Franks, Director of Marketing

I love Zogo because it helps people learn financial literacy in a fun, easy-to-understand way. It doesn't overwhelm the user with technical terms they won't understand, it empowers them to make smart financial decisions based on what they've learned, and the best part - they get rewarded for learning!

Zogo is the most unique, fun, and exciting thing going on in the credit union industry. Your entire community benefits when you help people increase financial literacy.

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