Let’s not beat around the bush: Generation Z, a digitally-native age bracket, is used to instant gratification in every sector of their lives. From followers liking their pictures within seconds of posting to finding directions by asking Siri, this young generation feeds off of getting what they want, what they need, almost as soon as it pops into their heads. With today’s algorithms, it really can feel as though our phones can read our minds and provide us with videos and advertisements we swear we never said out loud or typed into a search engine. 

This desire stems from growing up in the age of the ever-developing digital world. Born during or after 1997, Gen Z has been learning on computers since elementary school. Then came smartphones, which are essentially pocket-sized supercomputers that grant instant access to endless information on endless subjects. Want to know how much a flight to Cabo costs? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Need the answer to a complex math homework question? The internet shall provide right away.  

The Power Of Short-Form Content 

Aside from education, Gen Zers (and most millennials) have long been used to social media features that provide entertaining, interesting, and attractive short-form content. From Vine back when the oldest Gen Zers were in high school to TikTok today, it’s quite clear that this generation enjoys brief clips when it comes to their screen time. While all of that applies to social networking/entertainment, the preference has started to shine in the educational sector, as well. While teacher-led classes are absolutely still crucial and beneficial in a myriad of ways, bite-sized digital learning modules are preferred by these digitally-native generations, which tend to work better when it comes to certain subjects, especially financial literacy. 

How Zogo Fills That Desire 

In many cases, the best way to reach these digital natives is by providing them with these easily digestible, approachable, non-time consuming content, which is exactly what Zogo does. While you certainly won’t find pop-up ads on our website or app, we marry our general financial education lessons with content that enlightens our users to the benefits of their local credit unions and other financial institutions to help guide them toward trustworthy, community-focused entities. Education is power, and Zogo strives to make our educational content accessible for anyone who may want or need it. 

Our financial literacy app was designed around the very phenomenon of Gen Z’s shorter attention spans and an increasingly digitized world. Compared to Millennials’ average 12-second attention span, Gen Z tends to have about an 8-second one, which speaks directly to their preference for short-form digital content. Zogo was also conceptualized from Gen Zers’ general lack of financial knowledge; today, only 1 in 4 Gen Zers have access to financial literacy in schools and most report it to be, well, dull. Here at Zogo, we’re battling that by providing simple, enticing, mobile learning modules that teach the basics of personal finance as well as how they can use those skills to further their financial wellness. 

Beyond educating younger generations on topics like investing, 401(k)s, auto loans, and more, our platform also teaches our users about the major benefits of Beyond educating younger generations on topics like investing, 401(k)s, auto loans, and more, our platform also teaches our users about the major benefits of becoming a member at a credit union, community bank, or other community-oriented financial institutions. Gen Z is our main target audience for a number of reasons, such as their rapidly growing financial power that comes with their coming of age in the digital world. Another reason we often focus on them is because their lack of financial literacy often results in them being unaware of which financial institutions can support them in living healthy financial lives.  In fact, the majority of Gen Z doesn’t know the difference between a bank and a credit union. That’s become one of our major focus points throughout our educational endeavors as we strongly align with the educational values of credit unions, in general.

Using the bite-sized modules “Credit Unions” and “Choose A Financial Institution,” our users can learn about the advantages of such institutions within a matter of minutes, as well as check out their local financial institution to act on their newfound knowledge. By empowering them with this information, we’re able to lead these younger generations down a positive financial path that aligns with trusted, community-oriented financial institutions. 

To learn more about how Zogo can help draw next-gen members to your financial institution, request a demo