We talk with our users a lot. We ask them what they’re learning on the app, how they like it so far and what they’d like to see from the Zogo team in the future.These conversations are invaluable, and we learn so much from talking with the teens and twenty-somethings — our peers, really — that are using the app we’ve built. 

Our users always have a lot of good things to say about Zogo, which is great to hear considering we built this app with them in mind. But sometimes, the things they love about the app surprise even us. From our user research, here are three reasons that Gen Zers love Zogo:

1. They know it’s important to learn about finance, and Zogo is an easy way to do it. You might assume that Gen Zers don’t think much about finance, but many of the users we spoke with recognized how important it is to become financially literate. They knew they needed to learn more about finance, even if it was as basic as lessons in budgeting or building credit. They found Zogo to be an easy, accessible solution to that problem. 

“It has been super helpful,” one user told us. “It’s taught me things I didn’t learn in school.”

2. Their friends are using Zogo, too. Many of the users we spoke to started using Zogo because they heard about it from a friend. 

“One of my friends’ credit union was using it so I decided to check it out,” one user said. 

Since then, they said, it’s been great  — and our bite-sized modules gave them a framework for financial planning during a stressful time. 

The awesome thing about this trend? The cycle continues! Dozens of users who enjoy using Zogo told us they’ve already recommended the app to their friends. 

3. Zogo helps them make sense of the news. In a somewhat unexpected twist, users have told us time and time again that our app actually helps them better understand what’s going on in the world today. Our modules on the COVID-19 pandemic or unemployment rates help them understand the forces impacting business and the economy and, subsequently, their finances. 

One user put it this way: “I would say the correlation between current events and how they affect the economy are the big things (I’ve learned from Zogo). How COVID-19 has affected different things, just with the production for a lot of the products that we use, (prices) going up and things shutting down.”

Whatever reasons they have, we’re happy Gen Zers love Zogo.  

Want Gen Z to love you too? We might be able to help with that.