Millions of Americans received stimulus checks from the U.S. government last week to help stave off the negative economic effects of the coronavirus.

But many people are still asking: Where is my money?

If you haven’t received your payment yet, don’t freak out: Millions more Americans are slated to receive their money in the coming weeks.

Here’s a rough timeline:

Who gets paid first: People who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits who filed returns that included their direct deposit information should have received their payments.

Who’s next in line: From there, the government will send out more money, first via direct deposits. It is not too late to submit direct deposit information if you haven’t done so already. If you submit your direct deposit information online by next Thursday, you should receive the funds the following week.

Last but not least: Mailed paper checks (with President Trump’s name on them?) will start going out April 20 for Americans who do not have their direct deposit information on file. About 5 million checks are expected to be mailed per week. It could take up to 20 weeks — five months — for all of the checks to be sent.