Zogo Finance is pleased to announce that it has launched custom rewards. 

In the Zogo app, users earn pineapple points by completing a range of bite-sized financial literacy modules, which can be used to purchase gift cards from companies such as Amazon and Starbucks. With custom rewards, our financial institution partners will now have the opportunity to design rewards that are specific to their institution. Custom rewards will be offered to users of their co-branded app and housed within the app’s rewards marketplace. The classic gift cards will still be available to all, but custom rewards will allow financial institutions to offer a diverse range of rewards to their users.

Some examples of custom rewards that are already being integrated into our financial institution partner’s apps are direct deposits, discounts on loans, local charities donations and financial coaching sessions. 

Lucas Mill, Zogo’s VP of Customer Success: “With the introduction of custom rewards, our partners will not only have a great opportunity to personalize their co-branded app even further, but most importantly tailor the app to embody their financial institution. Whether this be through using the custom rewards to spotlight a membership benefit, such as a discount on a loan, or introducing users to a local charity by setting up a donation feature, custom rewards will ensure users are able to fully engage with the financial institution and all it has to offer.”