Designed to keep members active, engaged, and checking in on a regular basis, Zogo’s Mobile Banking Loyalty Integration benefits institutions and consumers alike. Powered by rewarding, gamified financial education, our integration can be plugged right into your current mobile banking platform, making implementation simple and seamless. 

The Implementation Process

Zogo’s Mobile Banking Loyalty Integration was developed to be a breeze to implement. There are only two layered steps in the entire process, and in conjunction with Q2, your FI will barely have to do a thing. 

Step 1: Testing!

If your FI has a permanent testing environment (PTE), two Q2 tickets are created that each take three days to execute. False accounts and false money are used to test the program in an effort to identify any snags before going live. Without a PTE, we are still able to do the beta testing pre-launch, but the real accounts of the designated test group, assigned through Q2 Central, are used.

Step 2: Take It Live! 

The Zogo Loyalty Integration will live anywhere that works best in your app, typically a drop down menu. Your members will be incentivized to complete a series of objectives geared to bolster their financial confidence while using your services, all while earning rewards along the way. Below are a handful of examples of the objectives we offer, though there are plenty more customizable ones available to your institution and members.

Examples Of Objectives:

Complete Three Educational Modules

Just like Zogo’s standalone mobile app, our loyalty integration provides innovative, bite-sized financial education. By embedding our gamified content library of 600+ lessons into your mobile banking experience, your users are incentivized to not only learn important financial topics that will help them in life, but also earn points for learning and exchange them for rewards. The continuous educational modules keep users coming back for more — like a workout goal, the drive to be better every day kicks in once the process is started. Even though it takes hard work, the satisfaction of filling those detrimental knowledge gaps is extremely rewarding. Plus, the more financial activity and matters they learn about, the more financial action they can take at your financial institution!

Debit Card Swipes

Our objectives are also designed to encourage usage of your products and services. For example, our debit card objective motivates customers to use their debit cards on a regular basis and keep track of their spending. These types of action objectives are completely customizable, much like our overall presence in your app, and can be catered to your institution’s preferences for your unique new loyalty program. Our gamified educational model keeps users engaged and helps them easily learn about essential financial topics, but the way they earn points and rewards, and what they earn them for, will be totally up to you. 

Open A Savings Account 

Another objective option for your members is to open a savings account . They have the opportunity to learn about different kinds of savings accounts from our bite-sized modules and then work with your institution to open one that meets their needs. This kind of objective showcases how Zogo helps to cross-sell your products while benefiting your members along the way. The more financially empowered your members are, the more action they’ll be able to take within your institution to bring them closer to achieving their financial goals. 

Benefiting Everyone

A loyalty program that doesn’t serve consumers as much as it serves the institution is a loyalty program that will fail. Zogo’s Mobile Banking Integration Loyalty Program is designed to avoid that very pitfall. Not only are we aiming to provide tangible rewards for your consumers, we’re working tirelessly to provide equitable access to crucial financial education. Knowledge is power, and without the right financial knowledge, your customers or members are excluded from the sprawling opportunities at your FI. 

When knowledge, opportunity, assistance, and rewards come together, a highly-functioning, good-for-everyone-involved loyalty program is born. To learn more about Zogo’s Mobile Banking Integration Loyalty Program, register to attend our webinar on the topic Oct 20, 2022 01:30 PM CST hosted by our Marketing Manager, Sydney Mayer. 

To learn more about Zogo in general, request a demo from our talented sales team.